Tenses – Exercise 1

A practical study

Select the right tense form of the verb

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1. My friend ____  abroad last year.



2. Mathew ____  read the play Hamlet.


3. Martin ______  5 kilometers daily.


4. When I first met John,  he _____  playing Violin.


5. Before Thomas arrived here,  his friend  George _________  everything to give him a warm welcome.


6. John’s friend ________  next week.


7. My wife  teaches well.  ( re-write in present perfect continuous tense)


8. Since 2005, Merlin ______  in this software company.


9. My friend ______ reached here within 5 p.m.


10. To keep past events lively,   _________  tense is used.


11. They will be arranging the programme. ( identify the tense form)


12. Classes _________ on coming Thursday.


13. To denote a just completed action, ______________ tense is used.


14. They will have been shooting the film by next month.   ( identify the tense form)


15. To express a general truth or   a universal truth,  __________  tense is used.


16. Mathew’s friend has not come yet.  He ______  for his friend for 2 hours.


17. Thomas is coming next month. ( re-write in simple future tense)


18. Rahul said that he ________ his old friend last day.


19. My friend __________  in United States from 1990 to 2005.


20. One of the boys attended the seminar. ( rewrite in simple present tense)


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