Question tags – Assertive sentences – Exercise 1

The general pattern of question tag is,

 Auxiliaries + positive/negative meaning + pronoun of the subject + ?

If the sentence is positive, the tag is negative.

eg:  He is playing football, isn’t he?

If the sentence is negative , the tag is positive.

eg:  He is not playing football,  is he?

Keeping these facts in mind,  try to find out suitable tags for the sentences in the exercise given below.


Make appropriate question tags.

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1. Mathew is writing a letter, ___?


2. They walk 5 kilometers daily,  _______ ?


3. Jancy explained the  matter well, _______ ?


4. Mathew  seldom knows  English, _____?


5. One of the boys  has not arrived yet, _______?


6. Somebody makes noise, ______?


7. The little money was wasted, ________ ?


8. All of us attended the programme, _____?


9. Everybody is happy today, ______?


10. One must know how to cook food, ____?




By Renjit P.S.

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