Noun in genders

1. Masculine Gender.

Noun denoting a male human being or animal or bird  etc. Eg: Boy, Lion, Pea cock, etc..

  1. Feminine Gender

Noun denoting a female human being or animal or bird etc…   Eg: Girl, Lioness, Pea hen, etc….

  1. Neuter Gender

Noun that is neither male nor female.  Or  Nouns without life.  

Eg: Table, board, Sun, beauty , etc…..

Neuter genders are often personified  and supposed to  Masculine gender  for their strength and violence  and to Feminine gender for  their beauty, gentleness and gracefulness.

Eg: The Sun  to Masculine gender for its strength.

The Moon to Feminine gender for its beauty.

Ways of changing  Masculine Gender Nouns into Feminine Gender Nouns.

There are three ways as  described below:-

  1. By using an entirely different word.

    Masculine Gender                 Feminine Gender

  • Bachelor                               Maid  (old use)  or  Spinster


  • Boy                                        Girl


  • Brother                                 Sister


  • Buck                                       Doe  


  • Bull                                         Cow


  • Bullock                                   Heifer


  • Hart                                        Roe


  • Horse                                     Mare


  • Husband                                Wife


  • King                                        Queen


  • Lord                                        Lady


  • Man                                         Woman


  • Monk or friar                          Nun   


  • Cock                                         Hen


  • Colt                                           Filly


  • Daddy                                      Mummy


  • Dog                                            Bitch


  • Drake                                        Duck


  • Earl                                           Countess


  • Father                                        Mother


  • Gander                                      Goose


  • Gentleman                                Lady


  • Nephew                                      Niece


  • Ram                                            Ewe


  • Sir                                              Madam


  • Son                                            Daughter


  • Stag                                           Hind


  • Uncle                                        Aunt


  • Wizard                                     Witch


  • Fox                                           Vixen


  1. By adding suffixes  like  ‘-ess’, ‘ –ine’,  ‘-trix’,  ‘-a’, etc… to the end of Masculine genders as follows,


  • By  just adding  ‘–ess’  to  the end


  • Author                                 Authoress


  • Baron                                   Baroness


  • Count                                  Countess


  • Giant                                    Giantess


  • Heir                                       Heiress


  • Host                                      Hostess


  • Jew                                      Jewess


  • Lion                                      Lioness


  • Manager                              Manageress


  • Mayor                                   Mayoress


  • Patron                                 Patroness


  • Peer                                      Peeress


  • Poet                                      Poetess


  • Priest                                  Priestess


  • Prophet                               Prophetess


  • Shepherd                            Shepherdess


  • Steward                              Stewardess


  • Viscount                              Viscountess


  • Adding ‘–ess’by omitting  the  last vowel of the Masculine genders

    Omitting the vowel ‘o’ , as follows,  

  • Actor                                            Actress            


  • Benefactor                                  Benefactress        


  • Conductor                                   Conductress


  • Instructor                                  Instructress


  • Negro                                           Negress


  • Abbot                                            Abbess


  • Emperor                                       Empress


  • Preceptor                                     Preceptress


  • Traitor                                          Traitress

Omitting  the vowel ‘e’, as follows

  • Enchanter                                 Enchantress  


  • Founder                                     Foundress


  • Hunter                                       Huntress


  • Duke                                           Duchess


  • Prince                                        Princess


  • Songster                                   Songstress


  • Tempter                                  Temptress


  • Seamster                                 Seamstress


  • Tiger                                         Tigress


  • Waiter                                       Waitress


  • Master                                       Mastress


  • Murderer                                 Murderess


  • Sorcerer                                    Sorceress

( The commonest suffix used to make feminine nouns is   ‘–ess’)  

  • With the suffixes ‘-ine’, ‘-trix’, ‘-a’, etc respectively as follows,


  • Hero                                         Heroine


  • Testator                                   Testatrix


  • Czar                                          Czarina


  • Sultan                                       Sultana


  • Signor                                        Signora


  1. By placing a word before or after; as


  • Grandfather                                     Grandmother


  • Greatuncle                                        Greataunt


  • Manservant                                       Midservant


  • Landlord                                             Landlady


  • Milkman                                              Milkwoman


  • Peacock                                                peahen


  • Salesman                                            Saleswoman


  • Washerman                                        Washerwoman

By Renjit P.S.

M.A. English. Online Tutor. Sixteen years in teaching field.

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