Concord – Exercise 2

Select the right answer by keeping the rules on concord.

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1. One of the boys ________  attended the exam


2. Age and experience _____ man mature


3. His sister and  friend always  ___________  him.


4. Each boy and each girl ____  to  attend the meeting.


5. Neither  her friends nor her sister _____  gone to school.


6. The  Medical Board _____   the Renal Transplantation.


7. Good news ____   not spread widely as gossips.


8. Sixty dollars __  not affordable to me


9. Every teacher and every student  ________  the programme.


10. Manu as well as his friends ____  coming next friday.


By Renjit P.S.

M.A. English. Online Tutor. Sixteen years in teaching field.

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