Voices in Interrogative sentences – Exercise 4

Interrogative sentences are two types.  They are 

1 Question word beginning.

General pattern of Active Voice  :   QW + Aux + S + V + O ?

General pattern of Passive Voice:    QW + Aux + O + be + V3 + by + S.

2 Auxiliary beginning.

General pattern of  Active Voice:   Aux + S +  V + O ?

General pattern of Passive Voice:  Aux + O + be + V3 + by + S?


Understanding this fact,   let’s go to the practical study given below.


Change the voice

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1. How  is the machine operated by you ?


2. Who has called you?


3. What  is being heard by  John  ?


4. Do you know the answer?


5. When will you say that?


6. Have they invited Thomas?


7. Why did he not notice you?


8. Won’t he invite us?


9. Why had he written such a letter?



By whom will the bell be rung?


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